Why You Should Care About What You Write.

This is something that sort of caught me a bit by surprise.  Not that I should be, but I think that emails need to be a bit thought out.  I say this only to make a point.  You need to care about what you write.  Even if it is an email to anyone.

“Hi Becca

Great to have you writing on hubpages, and great to see you back.  I’ve looked forward to more writing on your hubpages.  Do you write a blog?  If you do, do you write a lot on that blog?

I want to know what you think of my hubs, and what I should do with them.  Should I leave them on hubpages?  Why won’t anyone read them?  I don’t care what is written, but I care about making money here on hubpages.  I know you make a lot– tell me your secrets Becca.  

Help a poor soul!”

I don’t mind helping others on any of the writing sites I write on but there is one thing I do draw the line at.  You have to care about what you write.  I can say this because it is a lot harder to make money– and enjoy what you’ve done to make it, than if you are writing simply for a quick buck or three.

Publishing is a slow process.  The one other thing I think should be noted is that this is a great email, but if this person would have gone to my profile on hubpages, they would have seen I do write a blog– two main ones, and then I am also  active on Squidoo and other writing sites.  To improve my writing and to help make my writing better I did take writing courses— which I would highly recommend to anyone.

I care about what I write, and I admit that it took me a long while to think that way, but I care more about what I am saying and what my message is than anything else. of course I’d like money, what writer does not like money?

Still, I can admit that while my income is steady is it by no means “a lot.”

My one suggestions to this person:  Care about your writing, care so much that you want to go back and fix it up so that others care about it as well.  And yes constructive critiques are a good thing (feel free to critique my writing anytime!)