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Blogging and earning income on it does take some planning. I’m the blogger of Living a Life of Writing since 2008, and have learned more about what it means to be a writer since I began to publish blog posts on a regular basis- and then learned about what it means to be successful.

If success means making money, then it will take a good bit of time for that to happen. The work you put into it, and what you do with your blog is the means for you to earn a bit of an income. Don’t doubt yourself, but do understand that sometimes writing a blog is a hobby, and some money will be welcomed but not expected.

While I could be considered a veteran blogger, based on the fact this website has been running for more than six years, this fact means nothing unless I can help another blogger. I might not be at the level of a website like pro-blogger, but I am in a niche where writing is as important as blogging.I understand that there are still things to learn, but there is still a lot of things which I can share to other blog writers who are just beginning their blogging journey.

It’s really about giving yourself the freedom and the joy to write. In a sense, you are a published author, and this can give you some income. The downside is that you are a published author and your voice is found on each post you create. This can be a joy, and a challenge because you are creating content that people will want to read.

One thing that helps avoid “writer’s block” is to make your blog your own, think of it as a journal to the world. While I suggest that you work on your blog each day, I don’t recommend you post a short blog post every hour, as some bloggers do.

I find that my audience doesn’t expect or want that many posts- they are writers who are here on a time limit, and then they continue with their own writing. They are here to find out about social media, or popular posts of mine, but they are limited to their time.

I also find that Living a Life of Writing needs a post about twice a week, whereas my blog about Transylvania, Romania, needs to be updated with a post almost each day, with links to other websites and blogs. Both are in niche markets, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t earn money or that they can’t be successful.

Avoiding writer’s block is easy with a blog if you have more than one person writing on it. In the beginning I didn’t expect to need help with blogging, but it became apparent that writing a blog is one thing, creating a community for writers is another.

I have learned that a blog takes teamwork and effort to be successful and we all have our strong points. For a while, writing a blog post was the easiest thing for me, but it did cause writer’s block when it came to my other projects, because it focused my efforts on one thing. A blog is hard work, sometimes coming close to a full time job, and there are few individual bloggers out there, it is the more successful ones which have over time learned to work as a team. That being said, a blog is something I have a commitment to, as do my teammates.

Blogging is hard, but when you have support from the people around you, it becomes easier. In addition to this, getting the proper web hosting provider is essential for making your blog a success.

This factor doesn’t mean that the blog is any less personal. A blog doesn’t mean that it is something that another person might read, and there comes a point when I feel burned out about writing and creating– and this is where “writer’s block” comes in. It is not a block, but rather more of a burn out.I can write 500 words a day, but if it’s all on a blog post, I’m not going to be able to write another 500 if I don’t have the time. It is not to say there aren’t things that can be updated on a blog, but there are a lot of other things which go on behind the scenes to make the blogs work for my readers.

Blogging, and maintaining a blog is a full time job for a writer, and the monetary the benefits can be huge, it can mean that you find a new reader for your writing, and it can also mean that you can earn more income in a different way. There are many ways to make money blogging, but there are a few tips that I can suggest:

1) Google AdSense:

Most readers are familiar to blogs and blog posts, and if you begin your blog with ads on your site most readers will not worry about you “views” on money. I find that adding AdSense after the blog has been up for a while can lead to some angry readers, but for the most part, readers understand it is a means to earn some money with blogging and with Google. Blogging is about earning some extra money on the side, and if you are upfront that you have affiliate programs most people won’t worry.

2) Something to say on your blog for your readers:
Saying something is a good thing, but writing it can be harder. You can blog about anything you want, but that doesn’t mean that people will read anything that you write. I can write about the way the national debt is, but if my views are simply my own views, most people will come and go. If, however, I write the same thing backing up my views with facts and figures this will mean more to the reader. Blogging is not about you at all- it’s about your reader who come to read your blog.
It’s about maintaining a focus on what works and what doesn’t work for each of your blog posts. Like anything, it’s important to look back and see where the success was, but also look and see what wasn’t working. Telling your readers you have a book is one thing, people will feel you’ve got something to say. Telling people about it all the time is not saying anything.
3) Be aware of the small things:
bounce rate is one of them and when you are told in black and white who comes and reads your blog, but who also comes and stays. It’s about linking to other posts and blogs, but also where and when you add links. Some of the best bloggers, and writers, let you think for yourself. Blogging is about the reader, and the comments they have on blogs that they read.They might mention that they have a book or an ebook that they want you to know about, but for the most part they focus on people and what they need. The bounce rate of a blog that grabs your readers, and makes money is the one that has a low bounce rate and that makes people confident in the blog.

4) Make mistakes on your blog, but fix them:

You are human, you are not perfect and you need to improve your writing. The same goes for your blog. I found that after many years, my blog simply looked amateurish and needed a more professional look to it.I wouldn’t have noticed this without the help of my team, and the website is still an organic thing that needs care. I didn’t see it, but someone else did and made suggestions to improve it- in both style and writing.

The end result was that people saw the improvement and stayed on the blog longer, and making money blogging became easier. It was a small improvement which lead to huge results.

This improvement saw an increase in sales of my ebooks and also some income from freelance guest posts on other blogs.These are basic tips, one most bloggers and writers would argue is common sense, but for a new blogger these might not be. I know that it took me about a year before I understood how much these four work together.

I also didn’t take into account what would happen when I actually sweated the small stuff. When I became more creative I found myself liking the art of blogging

Blogging is like writing, everything is in the details.


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