Living a Life of Writing: Having Fun

Writing isn’t about always making money.  Writing isn’t about making that next big seller.  It isn’t always about publishing 10 books in three years or finding the next big thing.

Yes, it can be all of these, and it can be challenging, you can write a lot and never make a dime, or you can write a lot and never feel the need to worry. 

Still living a life of writing means having fun.  Yes, having fun, hearing that clickity clack of the keyboard and the words coming to life on the page.

It means staying up writing that got to need to write page and loving every moment– even when you find that it sound horrible the day.

It is a business, but this business can and should be fun, and you should have some passion about writing.  You should love every minute of the process.  And love the journey.  If you care about what you write about, the journey, challenges and all will be made a lot easier.