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Put on that Makeup and Do a Bit of Self-Care

I’m not a person who likes to do self- care, and I’m in general not the greatest at taking care of myself to the point that I can build a huge bunch of makeup or care products without the guilt hitting me below the belt. I can argue I eat right (no) and that I do exercise (sort of) and I do care about my appearance (and the wheels fell right off.) Okay, I don’t. I wish I did, but I don’t.

I had a great conversation where we had a discussion on how simple giving yourself some care is a good thing. My life, being the primary focus of my musings can make or break me. I know I haven’t done anything for myself for a while and haven’t done much to grow with the self- care and reflection needed to become a better person both on the inside and outside.

However, my views on makeup and self care are changing. The five or ten minutes that you can take for yourself is not, in the grand scheme of the day, something that you should deny yourself.

It’s a benefit to you and everyone else around you. The moments you can spend to help your inner child, goddess or whatever you’d like to call yourself, and it is a benefit. The cravat is that it also isn’t to hide flaws, rather to self-reflect on what you can improve on.

Am I enough?

Part of this is to see and explore. For example, a simple eyeshadow set can get you some compliments. Saying thank you for that can brighten another person’s day. Or, instead of looking at someone as being overly done, you can compliment them on the work they put into and the care they took. A bit of self care, and a lot of inner beauty work.


Well, yes you are. This took me a while to figure out. I actually pushed away from that and allowed my anger, judgement and lack of self- control to take a hold of me and push people away. I was right, and would always be right no matter the cost. Even if I put makeup on, it would be as they say putting lipstick on a pig. Great outside, horrible on the inside.

I hesitated to think of makeup as something I needed, I had to work on myself, and grow better inwardly. Except that I wasn’t wanting to expand on things I dismissed. I made people feel bad because they put effort into being better inside and out. Growth could only be inside.

I AM enough.

Putting on that bit of makeup and doing self-care gives me more than just looking good it’s giving me self-reflection time when I didn’t think it was possible. The fact I am looking in the mirror and saying I am enough to give myself time is important.

Put on that makeup and give yourself a moment and have a better day. Instead of looking at it as a negative, take heart that putting in the moments and also look at how to grow as a person is just as important. It’s a part of life.