• blogging

    Start The New Year, Vlogging

    It’s time to start the new year, and to give it a shot, I think as a means to grow and develop as a blogger and a writer, it’s a good time to start the vlogging process. I’ll be the…

  • Writing

    Books and The Mind

    A great book, with some great world views can change you. Have you ever had an aha moment? The one where you found that no matter what you did the book you just read is still stuck in your mind?…

  • Stress and Burnout

    To Be a Better Blogger And Writer

    What is a ‘better’ writer? I’m sure, after so many years of writing on a blog, it might seem funny that I would ask a question like this.  Don’t misunderstand, I love the act of writing, and I wouldn’t be…