Writing Courses

I asked this once of myself but I will throw this out to others: would you take a writing course either online or offline?

I wonder sometimes if it will improve my writing, or if it will make me not want to write anymore.  I’ve taken many writing courses, and some simply will not well you what needs to be done– for fear that they can make you mad.

Writing courses are vital, but I think it is something that you take when you are starting out, but have written a number of things which have been edited by someone else. 

I think this way by taking an online writing course (or at least I did) one can learn the value of writing.


  • Belá

    I guess if a writing course makes you want to quit writing, it's a bad course. They need to take responsibility for their students as opposed to telling them that they have no talent. The goal is not to make you an outstanding writer, but to teach you something and make you want to act on it. The fact is there are plenty of incompetent instructors out there as well as bad courses. What was your impression of the course you took?