What Happens When This Doesn’t Happen?

What happens when this doesn’t happen?

Fact: We all want to make money with our writing.

Fact: We’d like to have it sooner as opposed to later.

Fact: Sometimes, we’d like money but not the work.

Then, we might ask what happens when these facts don’t really happen?  We can give up, stop blogging, or writing or making plans to publish.  We also don’t like to spend too much money.  After all, let’s be honest, even with our blogs or our manuscripts, we’d love to make it easy on ourselves.  We want to make the money, and we don’t want to spend it.

It is all about writing.  When it comes down to it, it is also all about making money writing.  We’d like to think that some days we write because we are passionate about the concept of living a life of writing, but the truth is that we’d like to quit that day job, or better still get that big advance.

Still as a wise person once said “success shouldn’t be measured in money.”  Many will add that what matters is the joy of writing — except, when money is slow to come in.

Then what happens?

Becoming a writer is a challenge.  We would like to think that all we need to do is make money to prove we are writers.

So when the money isn’t there, the best thing we can do is go back, and fix up our work and keep on writing, and set a new goal for publishing.  We can always see success in the end.


  • Man O' Clay

    I think this is a good indicator too: if you aren't enjoying writing, you're probably not writing for the right reasons.

    Money is great, but enjoying what you do is better.

  • Nick Rolynd

    Very true. And that's true in more than just writing. There are many ventures we make in order to gain wealth and fame, and many of them fail. But as long as you learn from those failures and continue you, then you will eventually succeed.

    Great advice for writers. Thanks for the post.

  • Damaria Senne

    For me, sometimes writing is the day job ( i.e. the job that I do to pay bills). In such instances, I recognise the work for what it is and seek my creative fulfillment from elsewhere.
    To answer your question, if my writing didn't generate money, I would have to find another job and write in my spare time. I would be unhappy because working on uninspired writing projects is still better than having a day job where I don't write.