Best of Both Worlds!

Using Facebook and Twitter to Maximize Your Online Presence

For a lot of
people, when you say “Facebook,” there is a certain level of comfort and
familiarity. With Twitter this is often not the case. Whether it is because
Facebook came first or because it allows people to waste/spend/invest countless
hours online matching up gem patterns or farming their digital yet bountiful land,
it is the knee-jerk go-to for social media marketing and creating an online
We have spent this
past month focused on Twitter in hopes of familiarizing you with this often
untapped potential resource for solidifying your online presence. Hopefully it has
helped somewhat, and if not… maybe, at least, it has been entertaining? We would, however, be remiss in our goals to talk about using social media to boost your online
presence if we didn’t at least touch on the key valuable tools that Facebook
has to offer. If you want a bit more in depth information, check out our
previous post on using Facebook as a marketing tool.
Facebook offers a few
important things that Twitter does not. One of these is the ability to
create a page to post and keep all your fans up to date. While you could have a
whole Twitter account dedicated to your professional career as a writer, it
still doesn’t allow you to post more lengthy details or easily share events.
This of course segues nicely into the fact that on Facebook you can create an
event page that will continually remind people about a book signing, release,
or any other event you want people to be aware of. This really helps to “amp up”
the hype surrounding your career as a writer.
Another useful
tool is Facebook Marketplace. Maybe it is a useful place to advertise your book?
There are also applications and utilities to download that could potentially
help you market an e-book version of your book or even review your book. While
not always ideal, it’s a way to get your book out there and start to create a

Finally, let’s
just remember the most important thing about Facebook that I mentioned at the
very beginning of this post: its popularity. Because people feel comfortable
with Facebook, it has a wider reach than any other social networking utility. It just makes good sense that if you want to increase your online presence,
you increase your presence (in as many ways as possible) on Facebook. Don’t
forget as well that you can share interchangeably between Twitter and Facebook
posts so that you are constantly directing your audience to both!