Enjoy Writing– The Rest Will Come

There is a theme in my life right now:  I am busy as always in the writing process, but I find myself drawn to writing more. 

I feel like my energy level is up.  Maybe it’s because I have approved the digital proof of my book, and I now eagerly await the company sending the physical proof to me.

So my message is for anyone who is feeling that they are challenged by writing.

It is for anyone who ever thought that they can’t write.

Just enjoy writing, the rest will come. No one was perfect the first time out.  I am still improving as a writer.  I have gone back to my first posts and fixed them up.  I have challenges — and I have to improve.

And I still love what I do.

Remember:  Enjoy writing (just writing!) and the rest will come.  In other words, don’t give up when money isn’t coming to you right away!  You can always improve your writing.