Enjoy Publishing

This is a simple idea.  I was amazed when someone said to me that I needed to “stop worrying about editing, and start enjoying the process.”

I was worried.  I am not a great editor, and I think I give my editor fits.

I also think that I am becoming a better writer.  This also means that I work harder, but I think that person was right:  I wasn’t enjoying the process.

So I simply sat down and wrote.  I was amazed: I enjoyed the process and I enjoyed the writing, and began to edit.  I think what they meant was enjoy publishing, this is all a part of writing.


  • Damaria Senne

    Ha! I'm having a hard time taking that advice. Part of it is that I'm trodding this road independently for the first time and I'm a worrier. But I also find it to be so different from the creative process, and not something that comes naturally to me. I thinkI'm one of those people who like the idea of having published a book:-)

  • Marlena Cassidy

    Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the what ifs that we wreck our creative processes and sabotage ourselves. Writing in the moment is the only way that I can actually write.