Kindle Ready? Are You Ready for E-book Publishing?

I decided that I am going to have a Kindle edition of this book.  I am pretty excited bout this because I was back and forth asking myself if this is such a grand idea.  I think that it is.   Kindle has a big market. It is a part of the Amazon world, and it is something that can earn income for me, as long as the book has a market.

It’s not the only choice out there, but for now it is the best choice.  It is the place where more people shop and buy e-books.  It is well known and most people refer to their ebook readers as a ‘kindle’ even if it isn’t one.  It has user visibility.

But then, so do the iPad and Nook, and Sony e-readers.

Amazon reported that e-books are so popular now that their e-book sales numbers have surpassed those of traditional books.  While this is something sad for me to hear, because I like the physical feel of a book, this market cannot be ignored.  It will only grow.

There are parallels with blogging world, I believe, because almost anyone can produce a Kindle book for a reasonable price.  The key is, like a good blog post, you need to write a good kindle e-book.  There is one thing I would bring up.  Every good writer needs to know what works for him or her.  There is such a thing as cost of setting up an e-book no matter now small.

I know that CreateSpace offers the choice to make the book a Kindle ready edition.  But I know many of us need to keep a cost in mind when we publish.  I know I do.  This is why I thought very carefully before I made my choice.

Always compare before you buy!

If I suspect that I can gain more of an audience using a Nook book edition, then I will do my homework and have a Nook edition ready for my reader.  Are you ready for e-book publishing yet?