The Art of Publishing

The art of publishing is more than just writing and being able to say that you have a work in progress.  

It is about the artist in you growing and developing and becoming more than what you once were.

It is the ability to say that you have completed something– finished your journey.  It is a journey and one which will change you as a person.  It is about pushing boundaries and challenging every notion you have of yourself as a writer, and then as a person.  It’s about being willing to take a brush and design the life you want, but with words and not colours.

It’s not about you, but about your readers and who you can become to be the best person they want to read.  It’s publishing a book and putting your ego aside to learn more about being a writer and living a life of writing.

The art of publishing does not mean that your journey has ended.  Journeys don’t end.

It means it is the beginning of several new journeys– another book, marketing this one.  It’s about growth and pain as a writer and as a person.  The more people you can add the stroke of colour to  the more you can change as a person.  Wr
iting is not about simply being passionate, but growing and building yourself.  A writer has a hard journey and the art of publishing is only one step towards building something amazing.

The art of publishing is not always about money.  It is not always about soul.  It’s both.

It is about both the soul and body of the writer who has published their book.  The connection you have and keep with your readers and how you build it from there.

The art of publishing is not about fame or fortune.

It is about learning what makes you better as a writer, and a better person to read.

The art of publishing is not about you….

It is about your readers.  The art of publishing is sharing your soul to someone else and loving what you do for them.  It’s creating and being flexible and showing improvement in your life as a writer.

It’a about being clear with your information and what you bring to people and what they need from you.  It’s where the ‘talk’ meets the ‘action’ and you keep on writing to build more of a following but with the end in mind.


  • QAugust

    It is unhealthy to have a blend of reasons why one writes. I write because people need the information I share and because I want to leave a mark in the world. What do you think?

  • Rebecca E.

    I don't think it is unhelthy, to a point, but i also do not think one reason is enough to publish— say for example making too much money, then teh quality goes down.

    I think that reasons fro writing change over time.