Thoughts on Publishing and Money

I think this best describes what we do as writers.  We write, then we edit, then we publish.  At least we are done with that book.

Somehow this is not the case.  After our book is published we need to care for that book.  After all, no one will read it if we do not market it.

Accept that fact and let it be?  I suppose we could think that way, but we do need to think about both the past and in the future while remaining grounded in the present.

Why would I say something like this?

My thoughts on publishing and money are simple:  It is a process, but not one which we need to brood over to see success.  Money will come and it might not be as much as we would like, but it will come.  That should not be a worry once we publish a book.

If we have spent time to compare and decide on a publishing company (if you self-publish!) then we need to understand we have done the best we can do.  This is something in the past, but it can also affect us in the present.  This is why we have a published marketing plan.

Writing a good and helpful blog post is also important.  Again, plan for the next day but do this day’s post.  We writers love to worry, but sometimes just taking our work a day at a time, being in the moment to write a good post is as important as planning for a month’s worth of posts.

Publishing is a challenge, but as with all thoughts of publishing and money (fix your writing when you are to improve) we need to take our writing one day at a time.

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