What Is The Definition of Leadership?

Leaders in the writing field, leaders in the office, leaders who don’t have a position.  There are hundreds of book out which talk about ‘leaders’ or ‘servant leaders.’  There are many great people who are willing to mentor others and have them push themselves and think beyond their comfort zone.  Every person has a comfort zone, and when it bothers them, this is when they are pushing against it.  The best leaders push against this.  This is what defines a leader.

What is the definition of leadership?

leaders win
be the leader, not the follower

The dictionary definition says that leadership is a noun.  It is the action of leading a group of people or an organization.


As a writer, it’s harder to be a leader or learn leadership skills without working on building a blog team, but it will help you in the long run to jump outside of your comfort zone.  What is a good leader?  I’m going to break down what I believe is a definition of leadership for a writer.

1) Building a strong team:

Not simply have a person work on the website or have a person write, but also mentor them so they know they can become a stronger marketer, or website owner, or a writer.  It is not about earning more income, but making sure you have a team of people who can be great in their chosen work.
A team will have great points but will have specific weaknesses.  A good leader knows the weaknesses.  They learn to compensate for these.  A great leader will learn to improve themselves, and then share the vision with the team.
A good example which defines a leader is how a team will follow them, even after they have left the company or passed away.  Steve Jobs was a great leader, he was not a good man by society’s more recent view, but he was able to take the company and make it stronger.  His successor mirrors him, and is as successful as Jobs.

2) Defining Your Own Leadership Style:

For myself, I wanted to see my leadership skills as visionary.  The problem is that the position of a leader is to plan ahead, and get there first.  I might want to be Steve Jobs, or even a J. K. Rowling who have influence, but I have to define how my style is.  It can’t be ‘laid back and hands off’ that’s not what a leader does.  It’s a balance between being more of a leader who is a manager and being someone people want to follow.
Defining your own leadership style means you spend time looking to see what works well. Once you have defined what works for your own personal style of leading, the next step is putting it into practice in your writing and team building.

3) Knowing your weaknesses and fixing them:

leaders quotes
Leadership quote by Churchill.
I’ve heard the saying play on your strong points, but if you know where your weaknesses lay, you are more likely to fix them.  No one wants to be the person who has a lot of weakness, for example not focusing, not hustling, or not caring.  By acknowledging and fixing these weaknesses you can become a better leader.
It’s the same with a writer who wants to be a leader.  The more you learn about how to fix your flaws as a writer, the more chances you have to be published.  The more you learn to build your audience the more people will want to follow you.
The definition of leadership for a writer is to lead more people in having more success as writers and as publishers in their own right.