How To Improve Your Writing– When you Don’t Want To

Writing a blog

Writing a blog is hard work, and it is not something that you can do in five minutes.

That is, unless you have spent a few days of writing a blog post on a word processor before you publish a blog post.  It is part of writing, and if you plan to earn some income, you will need to improve your writing, and quickly.  No writer is perfect but with some careful planning all writers can become better.

This brings up another topic, how to improve your writing when you don’t want to.  By this I mean taking a writing class when you don’t have the time or the money to do that- it is not about publishing a bestselling book, but rather one people will purchase and be pleased to have.  Or by working on your blog and improving some of your older posts, and it still does not help you.  It takes a willingness to see where you need to improve and then do so each time you write.

Ernest hemingway quote
Don’t doubt your writing

This is something I have to do each day.  I have to learn how to edit my work, by seeing my more common mistakes after I make them but before I publish.  I love to write but I also love to have my book published soon. I keep saying that to do this I will need an editor to help me improve my writing.  Writing this blog has helped me a lot, but I am on a writing journey and that never ends.

I’d like to improve my writing to make money, but that also takes time and a willingness to run a journey.  I would also like my writing to be something that in the end will allow to me write for a living.  I have wondered if where I write is important- and it is very much so.  Writing is about growing, and changing, and learning and feeling the pain after you fall.

I hope I don’t get too many nasty comments but I also know that I have to write to prove I have what it takes to improve on what I’ve begun.  Writing is something that I believe anyone can do, as long as they are willing to improve.  A blog is a good place to learn since there is more of  chance people will find you, and that you can communicate to your readers.

I think it is a process, writing a blog, or writing for a living. In the book A Room of One’s Own, it talks about writing and the space to write, but it also expands on improving where you are once you have this space.  You can take a writing class, and that is one way you can learn how to improve your writing.  Another way is simply going back and seeing what you did– with a new pair of eyes.  I don’t think you can improve your writing if you don’t spend time looking at where you were.

How can you improve your writing? well i think that means that you take comments and critiques from other more professional writers seriously.  You will have to give a lot more and take a lot of time to improve, and plan to do this. Simply write, then take a red pen and re-write.

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  • Jackson

    Love to see how you improved in a update on this website. What did you learn publishing a blog?