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Where Should You Go to Write?

Some people have a place in the park, others simply have a a desk by a window, still others have a laptop and will go anywhere to write.  Others, have a set place, and a time where they go and write and they know this habit will help them with their writing dreams.  Many have a journal they keep to add ideas or stories to so they have more mental space for other things.  Where should you go to write?  This means that you are writing and not sitting emailing another person.

For example do you write at night after everyone is in bed, away from the computer and the glare of the screen?  Does that help you get your work done or do you find that you simply can’t get any sleep that way.  Some writers love the art of ‘getting it out’ of their heads so they have a fresh start in the morning.

Or do you write in the daytime, no matter what on the same computer and you can’t find any other way to write?  Some writers are like this as well.  They turn off everything and everyone for a few minutes at a time each day.  Some even have office hours.  Each writer needs something, a space, and this concept is explored in the book A Room of One’s Own.  To have the ability to write is not only important for a writer’s soul, but for a living if that is what one chooses to do.

Does this also include time for blogging?

You can write a blog and publish post, but it is the writing that is important and if you plan on writing for a living is it something that you will spend time focusing on? If so, the answer is yes, but it is, like any medium a hard road to go on.  It takes time, effort and a willingness to create something out of nothing for people who are not going to see you in a physical sense.  This still needs both time and space, and you should go wherever you are comfortable writing to do this.

I want to publish my book, but I find that where I write is as important as what I write.  My title is something that at the moment doesn’t seem to bother me but I also want to get people to read my writing.

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