When the Writing Doesn’t Fit To Plan

old typewriter
Sit down and type

It’s easy to see success in hindsight. Even failures. 

It’s a lot easier to make plans based on past performance, but if you don’t have past performance to go by, it’s a lot harder to follow a plan.  The journey to becoming a great writer need to shake your very foundations to the core.

Writing is never to plan, there is always a challenge to have writers view success.  Too early, and it’s taken for granted, too late and there is no real celebration.

There is no doubt you will make mistakes, and there is no doubt the vision you had of publishing a book doesn’t go as planned and you have to reinvent yourself a lot sooner than you wanted to.

Writing doesn’t fit a plan, and writing will never be exactly how you want it to be on the journey of being a writer.

passionate writer
being a passionate writer.

There is something to be said about great writing, but it is a part of knowing who and what a writer is about and where they are in their writing.  On a personal note, I found my plan of writing a good book was not quite as vivid as I wanted it to be.  I know there are people who can writer a book in six months, but at this point in my writing career with the other commitments I have in my life it is probably not as easy as it could be,

So what if my writing doesn’t fit my plan?

I can go forward and now what I am doing now will still be of value later when I write more of my work.  What I will publish will be better because I am a stronger writer.  I find my writing is still a bit like a roller coaster, but the blogging aspect is a great place to learn about being a better writer.

I love the ability to know I can challenge myself to expand as a writer and still be passionate about what I am writing.  The concept of writing for a living is a wonderful one, it just takes a lot of effort.