Of Jobs and Publishing Online

It doesn’t seem fair when you work hard and then don’t get to see results as soon as you might like.  It’s not easy seeing something you have worked hard on seeming to fail.  This is when you begin to think that a day job might be the only answer for you.

You might think, how depressing, but really, publishing online is a hard road, and it is also a great opportunity to learn.  There are online writing sites that you can visit, and they will help you learn how to improve your writing and at the same tinme publishing online for the world.  People have a lot of thoughts on their writing careers and how to do more with it.

Then there is a little motivator called money; we all love to make it, and secretly this is why you write and publish your work in the first place.   You need to choose what is the best method of making this money with the limited time you have.

You can publish blog posts or publish on one of the many online writing sites; for example you can write abd publish on Hubpages and earn a bit, or you can go to Squidoo and do much the same thing.  You can also focus on your blog hosted somewhere else and hope that what you publish is what people need and want to read.

Then, you probably have your “day job”.  It can take a lot of time away from marketing your book or publishing online and simply writing.  You should have that “day job”, especially when you begin your writing journey and have yet to earn enough by focusing on that writing alone.

A “day job” provides you with security and peace of mind while you slowly begin to focus on your writing and publishing dreams.

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