Writing and Publishing: Some Thoughts

I write.

This seems like a simple statement to most people, but I know that there is much more hidden in this two word sentence.  I write because I want to publish.  I write because I love writing.  I write to make some money for my family.  I write so I don’t need a day job.

There is always a reason for writing; the same can be said about publishing.

I publish because I am confident that people need to read my book.  I publish because I am a writer.  I publish because something I’ve written needs to be shown to others.

I write.

Writing and publishing might not have been “in my blood” since I was a baby, but now I feel a need to write and then publish a book again.  It’s something I love to do and that I have passion for.

The two things go well together, and it gives me a good deal of joy to sit down and create something.  It springs from a desire to share information to readers.

This is what writing and publishing allows me to do.  It allows me to build on things I think about and to learn about the marketing side of publishing.  This is a business, yes, and it’s something I would never give up, but it is also something I simply love doing.