Can I Write for a Living

Many writers write for a living and most of them are successful. For a new writer, they will ask a question that for some is a yes, and for others is a maybe. Again as a writer writing for a living you need to have a bit of thick skin, to deal with critics, sometimes close to them, and sometimes not as close to them. In fact when you begin writing, it is best to understand when you follow your dream others might not be so happy to see you try.

The question is there: can I do it? Can I succeed in my dreams?

The answer is yes, you can succeed in your dreams but you will need to have a lot of focus, and that you will need a plan. Do you want to promote yourself online? Social media is becoming an important part of marketing a newly published book, and even being a part of this media can mean the difference between a book that pays you monthly, or a book that doesn’t have any book sales, if you aren’t as well known as an author.

On the other hand is it your dream to write several novels? These need to be answered, and they need to be clear. Your goal is to be a writer, but do you know how long it can actually take to make a living writing with your work, when you have other life commitments.

For some writers this can take years, but they are passionate and dedicated to their life’s work. They focus on one thing or they spread their writing around: magazines, short story anthologies, novels, blog, or other online websites. It depends upon the writer. More often then not there is not a great divide and most take a lot of joy out of writing for a living. Yes, there are many writers who love what they do.

To begin with there is one thing to remember: you need to be clear and dedicated to writing, even when the when you decide to self-publish. There are many opportunities to write, and sometimes you will need to wait a bit for the money, or you might have spent some, but in the end with a lot of work you will be able to be writing for a living, and you will be able to say: Yes I can do it, and yes I did do it!