Increase traffic: Ideas And Writing

When you write a blog, you want to increase traffic to that blog.  That is the challenge.  You need to draw your traffic from somewhere.  Another challenge is that you do not want to sound like you’ve said it all before.

Take, for example, the way I and a few other bloggers rise to these challenges:  We write two or three different blogs on different topics.  The people who follow each of these blogs are different groups of readers.  In my case, there are a few more.  This is the blog where I write about writing and publishing.  I also have another one, where I write about Transylvania, Romania.  Two others allow me to explore other topics both related and unrelated to writing.

The question that we should ask ourselves is this: how can we increase traffic without losing our minds or boring our readers?

Many have suggested that we write on other online writing sites, and the key to success is to write about different subjects on each site.  I write more specifically about money and publishing on Hubpages, and about shopping and hobbies on Squidoo.  The point I’m emphasizing is that we have to connect with our readers and publish our writing in the correct place.

To increase traffic your writing has to be interesting and fun.  You should have many varied and broad topics, and each of these topics should each have one dedicated site.  I believe writers are pretty intelligent people, and we understand how to separate our ideas properly.

This is where having many sources of ideas inspiration and then having multiple outlets for writing about these ideas can come in handy. My ideas about writing should go on my writing sites, whereas if I have an idea about history or shopping, my thoughts about that should go on one of my other pages.  That is one of the simple ways to increase traffic. 

Then, if the topics do mix well together, you link.  This is the key.  Often that is the best part of writing.

As a writer we would never allow ourselves to get stale, and your readers will always choose to go to your blog.

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  • jenniferneri

    This is something so many writers discuss: creating an audience through our blogs. We connect as writers, it doesn't mean we'll connect as readers, right? So, how does one, as a fiction writer, gather readers?