Publishing Means Connecting With Your Reader

The reason why some books are published and see success and some are published and do not is because of connection to the reader.  It also depends upon the method of marketing you do after your work is published.  Word of mouth advertising works wonders doesn’t it?

Of course, you have to connect with your reader with your first piece you write, but you need to work hard to improve that connection with that reader in the next one.  For this reason, no one would suggest that you sit on a book until you are old and grey, but rather that you think of your readers and continue to write new work with that connection in mind.  It is great to have a book published and out on Amazon, or any other bookstore, but if it collects dust, well, you can say that your readers do not care about what you have written.  Or about what you have to say.  Simply put, you failed them.

It is all about that connection your readers have to your writing.  Really it is that simple. If you didn’t no matter how much you publish you failed in your main goal as a writer, or an author.

You can argue that a well written book is simply the author hitting it big, but in reality they found success because they made a connection with you.  That is why you hear people talk about a well written book. That is why people are willing to give good reviews to a book.  It is about making money, but it is also about making those connections.  The more you focus on that, before, after and during the process of writing, the more likely you will earn money, or have more success with your next book.

When you publish a book you want to connect in some way with a reader.  You want them to like, love or hate it.  You want something, somehow from that reader.

That is why you want your book published.

It does not matter if it is your tenth book or your first book — what matters is that the reader felt something for it.  This is simple: publishing means connecting with your reader.  Ready to accept the challenge?