The Power of YOU: Be Excellent At Your Writing.

I think that the goal of writing should be achieving excellence.  This is only after doing a lot of soul searching.  It is all about writing, but then, it is about publishing that writing.  It is, as it were, in your hands.

I realized this when I was reading the Narnia series once more.  Even when Lewis had written one of his books before another. In this case he wrote the Magician’s Nephew after the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and you didn’t feel as if it was written to “expand.”  It was excellence in writing.

I don’t even want to consider how many drafts it took.  I am amazed when people tell my writing is great, and I’ll publish it and be successful.  I can say it’s better.  It is not excellent yet ( look at my blog — in can be better!).  However, it is the power of one person that will make my writing better.  ME.

What about the power of YOU?

Think of it this way:  Beyond your editor, you have the power to improve your writing.  You have the power to self-publish your book.  You have the power to send it off to publishers.  You have the power to work on your book until it is great.

Be excellent at your writing?  It is all up to you.


  • Karen Harrington

    You are spot on. The majority of what we as writers do is all in our hands – the hours and experience we bring to the page. There's the promise that with practice we'll get better. Nice post!