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Roy Marko and MarKo Custom Build Models

*Note this post contains affiliate links, in support of this website and our YouTube channel, so if you do purchase something we earn a small commission.*

A couple of years ago, we decided to rebrand, which is good, but we had no idea what would happen. We started a YouTube channel, and this became MarKo Custom Build Models, and then….

1,000 Subscribers

We got the 1,000 subscribers on MarKo Custom, and Roy showed off something he had been wanting to buy for many years- and the scale model video was born. As was the plan for rebranding.

Although the website still says living a life of writing as the address, most of the writing is about the YouTube channel and how to make it better. YouTube has a lot of changes, but a website really helps- for example Roy Marko can explain that he uses an iPhone, but also bought some lighting to use on it on Amazon- The Ring Light has helped with the lighting when the hobby shop or garage doesn’t work as well.

We bought it because we wanted something portable and inexpensive, and for $22 it worked for us. Spending a lot of time and money on lighting isn’t in our budget, but $22 is! Amazon is a lifesaver for us.

You can always buy bigger and more expensive and our next planed purchase for the classic car channel, Roy Marko’s Garage is this one: The full studio idea: found of course on Amazon. If anyone has it, let us know what you think about it. We’ve heard good reports about it from other YouTubers, and we’re thinking this is the next step.