How Do You Tell Someone to Stop Thinking About Money?

Ah, those dollar signs. Those lovely dollar signs- the idea that if you make money online, you will make money publishing a book.  The money that comes with writing and the money that you can get from Google AdSense, or from some other affiliate program.  Yes, you can make money, so much of it, and it is so easy to do, this is what most people are told by ‘successful’ gurus.  Just write a blog, and publish an e-book then produce more content, but not only that, find time to have balance in your life and you will make money.

Bored yet? Or getting a bit of a panic attack?

Writers don’t like to hear a lot of talk about making money, when it comes to common sense.  The reality is that one likes to hear about this thing called money- or how you can do this on the Internet.  Especially from people who do not really do what they suggest.  I have had a conversation with a long time writing friend, and they were moaning and groaning over the fact that they “HAD” to have a blog, and they have to do all the writing, and make some form of pillar articles, and work on their book.  Writing is fun they argue, so it shouldn’t matter much if they don’t get much back- except they want something back.

I think that by talking about money you’re in the state of affirmation- not action.  Or you are thinking too far ahead, which can make you spend money.  I’ll break it down, this person was talking about pillar articles, and these are the ones which no matter how old they are on your blog, still get visitors and people commenting on them.  They aren’t the easiest ones to write, and they generally take a few hours to work out.  I love writing on my blog, but pillar articles are harder to write than they first seem. Even the writer of How To Make Money Blogging comments on this part of the balance, because you can’t predict what your readers are really going to read time and again.

A pillar article has to ‘give’ something back to the reader, and they have to want to come back to it and read it.  In this case, a pillar article on writing and money needs to have something- a suggestion on how to make a better blog or how to build a better marketing plan for your book.

For me, a better blog is one where you number crunch- do you see a pattern with how your readers read?  Are they coming back again and again?  If not, it’s time to go back and update your best blog posts.  When I did this, I found my traffic tripled- because I found most of my best articles were short, only about 100 words.  Did this help with anything else? Yes, it did, it forced me to look at my own writing.  In the process it did increase my income on the blog. I’ve had many email requests for more subjects- although I admit many of them are still on the same topic.

I had the unfortunate task of telling someone that they need to stop thinking — that is stop thinking about money, and start doing something about it! Action, and reflection are needed.  If you have a failing blog, go back and see where the problem is- it’s not your readers, it’s probably you and the topic you have chosen to write on.

Most people spend so much time talking about how much money they will make, with Google AdSense, and with the e-books that they will write, that they have yet to even remotely apply for AdSense, or write a first draft of anything.  They had even made plans to go to a vanity press– IUniverse, or some other self-publishing company who has promised them everything.

I respect more writers who, like me and you, are almost there and are working to get that book published.  Publishing one’s work, is more important long term than simply thinking about money, or talking about money.  Going out and doing book signings will help you long term once you have published your first book.  Telling people to stop talking about money- to you is a good first step in getting your own writing done.  Be a good listener, but draw the line somewhere.

Follow your dreams, follow them.

Most importantly, act on your dreams.  As someone wise once said shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars.


  • [email protected]

    Sometimes people dream of achieving something, but they stop there. They don't move beyond the dream ( of making a lot of money, of publishing books etc). I think dreaming is a good thing. It tells you what you want to achieve . But then you need to start thinking about the details of HOW you will make this dream come true. Once you have a solid plan, forget dreaming, knuckle down and make your plans work. Anyhoo, that's what I would say to someone who won't stop talking about money they'll make or books they will publish, but they don't do anything about it.

  • b

    You are so very, very right. The money will come or it won't…but will we stop doing what we do? No. Actually the goal should be excellence don't you think?

    As for the money…I find that more I give the more I receive. I am very grateful!


  • Marlena Cassidy

    Money is a seductive thought, and once you start making plans with it, it's very hard to give them up. I had to learn the hard way that thinking about money doesn't equate to making it. Sometimes you just have to keep reminding people that money isn't the end of the road and hope that they listen. If they don't, they will eventually.

  • Man O' Clay

    I would say, "what have you done yesterday or today to make your dreams happen?" Chances are, if they haven't done anything yesterday or today, they won't do anything. Ever.

    One day at a time…