IS there An Option? Money Issues While Writing

It boils down to this:  Making Money  Issues.

No matter which way we put it we need to make money.  In fact if we are writing, there comes a time when it is either you do or you do not.  Some times writing a book can take years and more people will be wondering if what we have told them will happen.

Sure that book will be published.  Sure very soon, we keep promising our family and friends.  This is not to mention how we sit and dream of the royalties we will make with our book.  If we traditionally published we wonder when our book will make enough to have royalty cheques sent to us.

If we have self-published we wonder when people will buy enough books that a payment for our efforts will come in.  It is money issues plain and simple.  We do not like to talk about it, but it is very much true.  There is an art to publishing, as there is an art to making money.

Is there an option?

There will always be money issues but if you face them head on, then you will improve the one thing that will make your money issues go away.  Writing more and writing more often.


  • Nicole Pyles

    I know what you mean! For me, I would like to start adding in more short stories to my repertoire of writing. Also, I would like to include more "guest/featured blogger" stuff. So that way that novel I'm working on, doesn't seem as much of a slow climb uphill.

    Now, to actually find the time to do all this writing! 🙂