Google AdSense and Money While Writing a WIP

Most blogs have it, and most blogs will at times write about it, but most writers don’t like to think about Google AdSense and money epecially when they working hard on their work in progress.  Some hire editors to help them as they grow and work on the work in progress, or the blog they love. It comes back to income, if you don’t have income you probably won’t be able to finish your writing in a reasonable time frame, and this means thinking about money. The question is: should you?

Google AdSense, by its very nature means some form of money over time.  When you are in the process of writing a book, or if you are pushing towards the word count goal of the day- all before even contemplating writing a blog post, the idea you should think about AdSense is the farthest thing in mind.  After all the concept is very simple: Add a bit of code or a link and then don’t ever touch it again.  Simply put its design is brilliant, it allows you- the writer one thing less to think about.  Or, if you are determined to earn more income and truly make the argument that you are living a life of writing, then you have to think of one more thing: Business.

You can easily get lost in this business of Google; this business of making money on the side. After all, everyone wants and needs money and here is an easy way… or so it seems.  You need to prove yourself to people those of whom you value their feelings and their views, you want to show them progress. So you can focus on monetization of your blog, and how to make people come and read, or you can choose something else.

That something else is planning long term and focusing on being the best writer, and business person you can become.  Work and life balance is important.  The ideas you can share and should share with a work in progress is equally important for you as a growing and developing writer.  As an editor, you can also learn to develop a business skill, knowing what will help people and still have the time and skill to learn what is needed as part of the Google empire?  If you are a blog in a billion and you can not market your soon to be published writing, where else can you go.  Which path is more important?

What about your work in progress?  The very thing which brought you to a blog, which you are still passionate and care about, and want to share with the world? While you are working on other projects to make all this money is your work in progress suffering?  If you answer yes to the last question it is time to evaluate what you want.  Blogging is as important a platform as a WIP, but if you choose to forgo time management, you will have trouble focusing on what matters most, to you.

Can you balance both and still be able to live the life you want? Is it at the expense of your work in progress?
Each person you will encounter and work with will have a different answer.  All of them are valid, but they might not be right for you.


  • Marlena Cassidy

    My theory is if it's not your day job, and it's hurting your writing in obvious ways, then get rid of it. If you're able to balance the two and nothing is being sacrificed to keep the other alive, then keep it.

  • AmberInGlass

    Hey you. It's been a long time. I fell off the face of the Earth, crawled deep into a cave, and hibernated. I'm only now starting to poke my head out.

    I was thinking about you. Hope all is well. How is that WIP going by the way, I still want to read more!