What Money Were You Expecting?

The question that you can answer. (You might not like the answer)

Coins in a jar
Start looking at your pennies and nickels.

I read about this all the time: people go and write a number of articles or essays online, and then nothing happens — no money, no nothing. I can understand it can feel like you have failed in some way, or that you are of the belief that it would be easy to have this income. You can walk away and the magic happens.  The lie we tell ourselves, and others is that it is easy.  What can be easier than writing a blog post?  Toss a few pictures in and make sure you have something for someone and this is the success story for you.  Money is flowing you’re feeling great, it’s easy and it fun and you don’t have to do much.  I’m sure we’ve all told ourselves that lie before.  Right now, I’m sure you want to yell and scream this is not you.  You’ve got plans, and they needed money to happen.  You’ve read all the blog posts about ‘making money.’

Before you start to complain, though, think of it this way: what money were you expecting to make?

It’s hard to make a living writing, but I know that it can be done. It’s the challenge of writing well and loving what you do, and then letting the last piece be so that you can write more.  The last piece after all the editing and hard work, you let it out for the public (your readers) to buy and earn you income. I know that the lure of money is there when you write online, but…
Ask yourself: what money were you expecting to make? It is a good way to think in longer terms and be realistic.
Because sometimes, it’s true it’s so true, you aren’t going to be a millionaire overnight. If you give out a poor product, you will only see a small bit in return, if you work hard and build up confidence and a willingness to improve over time, money will come.  Slowly, and surely.  Blogging is also something that doesn’t happen overnight.  Don’t listen to the hype look at what people offer to you and look and see what they are saying.
I’m not perfect, I’m a grammar maven, and I love reading good writing.  I also try to give second chances, but in this harsh environment,  this blogging medium you have to be learning and growing and always trying new things to build your readership. Some will work, and some won’t. Just keep asking what are you expecting to do with just a few blog posts?  The more you do the more you will fine a way to succeed.


  • Marlena Cassidy

    I know from my own experience with Kindle Direct Publishing that you can go in thinking you'll make good money and then come out after a few months with about 70 cents to your name and a whole lot of disappointment.

    I think it's one of those things you just have to experience on your own so that you can deal with it better in the future and learn to par down your expectations so you aren't too disappointed.

  • TinaAtHome

    I was told it was $1 per article per month. This would happen when your articles had matured for about a year, after that it could rise to $2 per article per month.

    I never saw anything like that with my writing.

    I think the winners are those who write for upfront money in poor countries like the Philippines.