Making Money Online and Writing a Work in Progess: Team Work

The reality of writing

Something that we writers need to do is to work with balance. I am talking about the work-life balance. We can make money online and we can also write our work in progress.  Blogging is a means to make some income while working on something that will consume your life otherwise.  Writers are our own worst enemy.

We can always give the best reasons why our work in progress is so important, but we won’t have tangible evidence that you are doing more than simply pushing keys in a certain combination.  The reality of writing is a lonely one, and after editing your own work many times, we can feel as if there is no one to talk to.  Blogs help that feeling, it’s important to find out what is the key for you.
The more important of the two is the work in progress, but sometimes we need something more than just ourselves to motivate and inspire us.  Something that is more instant, more for someone else than for us.  Where we can hone our editing skills and grow as professionals in this online industry. It is not about Facebook or some sort of social media, but rather it’s about finding another way to communicate our writing to people who want to read it, in a clear and consistent manner.
We need teamwork. Simply put, we need someone who is an editor, perhaps another blogger who will help on our blogs, or we can provide that support to someone else. Perhaps it’s just a small project that allows us to briefly give our attention elsewhere. This way we do not lose all our focus and get burned out.  With a buddy or a lot of committed readers we have some sort of ‘buddy system’ we learn and grow from what they offer us in return. Reading that you might have a horrid blog post is a lot better than finding out that your work in progress is not something worth publishing.
Making money online parallels our work in progress. We need teamwork to have a blog- and we need a team to publish a book. Writers need a good editor working with us on our blog, so that when the going gets rough we can have someone we can rely on.  Someone who is willing to walk with us on our journey to being more than an okay writer.  They work in balance to make something okay be great.This is important not only for great blogs, but also good books. So what are we waiting for? Let’s write.  It’s all about team work and writers finding balance.  Our balance does not mean it is a long term deal where there is you and a certain team member but think of the team as guides, some are there long term and other for a short while.  We all have things we must learn.  We can lean on a team when it is harder to thing of writing as an end date.


Make money is a now and a future event.  It is one day at a time.


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  • Marlena Cassidy

    Very true! While we don't want to split our focus, having something that can provide a diversion from writing can really help, as long as we don't shift our attention solely to one thing.