Passionate Writing: All Writers have it.

It is something that each writer wants to have, passionate writing. By this it is when you sit in front of the computer and the words seem to flow from your mind to your fingertips and on to the computer screen with ease, when the hours it took writing the piece you have been working on seems to be mere minutes. When the subject seems to light up your day and your want to write. That is what passionate writing is about.

That is a part of passionate writing, but there is more to writing than just being passionate about what you do. There are the days when no matter how hard you try nothing seems to work in terms of writing. There are days when you think the passion is all gone, but you still believe in your work that you keep writing.

I believe that all writers have the gift of passionate writing, and the ones who have the most success are the ones who view the days when they are not passionate about their writing as just that, a say. They seem to instinctively know that the passion that they have for writing will always come back to them. it is a bit like writing fiction when you are just beginning to write fiction. Some days it does not seem as if the characters or the ways you are writing are not working.

Characters in fiction writing is one thing, but you will not be passionate about your work if you go to the computer each day and wish that this character will go away. A writer who is passionate about writing finds what is working with what they are writing each day. They also take the time to improve on the writing that they have each day. Writing fiction, like writing nonfiction has its moments where a writer will wonder why they began writing in the first place. Still there is a lot to be said about the passion that fiction writers have for the craft.

As writers who are passionate about this style of writing they understand that each day has challenges but also joys. Writers who have passion understand this, and enjoy every moment. Every writer has a passion in them to write and the very best know how to be passionate about their writing.

The most important point though is that passionate writing is something that all writers have. It simply needs to be used often and with joy.