The Life of the Writer.. in terms of Online Writing

There is a huge connection that people can make when they write online and enjoy the art of writing online.  They can write in North America only to have readers in Europe or close to home.  They can write long posts everyday or simply enjoy a once a week writing posts where they blog about anything and everything.  The point is that they are writing.  They have a passion for what they are writing, and for who they are writing for.  It is something in their blood.

They can write to enjoy to community of writers around them and learn to improve their online writing, and by default the writing that they do each and everyday online or off.  This is a challenge and yet, writers love what they do. At least writers will say they love the topics which, they personally have chosen to write about.

Take for instance the art of being creative.  They can write a blog and then change the theme and the process in which they write everyday.  It can be said that content is king, but sometimes all ti takes is a small change to find that you are enjoying your writing once more.

There are high and lows to online writing.  Just as there are highs and lows to writing in the “real world”  both are a part of the life of a writer.  The art of hitting fingers to keyboard to product something creative no matter what the subject.  It can really be any subject and any person,  A writer is a writer.

In terms of online writing, you need as much focus and passion as you do with writing anything else.

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  • Damaria Senne

    Writing for online media keeps me motivated to do other forms. The work gets published faster and there is usually a conversation with other people once the piece is published, which helps me feel connected to readers in a business that is mostly solitary.
    Seeing my work published online also keeps me inspired to try more complicated works, for other media ( such as print magazines and books). It takes care of my need for instant gratification.
    Also, it's easier to take rejection form publishers when you know tomorrow, someone else may email you and tell you they liked something else you wrote and want to publish it.