Publishing Blogs? Yes You Can!

Yes, it is possible to have the time to write more than one blog in your life.  I might add, though, that you probably don’t want to be publishing several of them at once!  That means you need to figure out timing.

After all, isn’t timing everything?

So, you might ask the question: is publishing blogs a possible thing for me to do?

Yes.  If you really wanted to it’s rather easy to publish three or four posts in one day.  The drawback to several blogs is that some days you may struggle to come up with something new and interesting because people want to read about it.

Publishing a blog is one thing, and if it is successful, you should be able to work and build another blog, but thinking about your readers is the most important!

You can follow these simple steps:

1) Go to blogspot and create a blog (it’s free)

2) Write a post and press “publish.”

3) Create another blog and follow the same steps.

Okay enough writing about blogging, it is understood that you will have to work hard and that publishing blogs, no matter how much fun, takes some effort, and you have to think about your readers and what they need.

Publishing a blog follows the same rules as publishing anywhere else, sometimes you have to go back re-write, and you must also have passion for what you are writing about.