Writing for a Living: When Challenges Hit

living a life of writing and writing for a living is something we all love to do, but what happens when challenges hit you? What happens when, well life happens. This is what is happening here with living a life of writing. A long vacation which was supposed to have more access to the Internet turns out not so good on that front. Of course, a vacation is a vacation even if it is a working vacation. It is more fun to do some sight seeing, but at the same time one can not forget where they are in relation to their work.

In this case, a book might be about to be published, or you need to do more editing, or writing at a new place is not as easy as it was promised. These are some challenges all writers face at some point.

Mind you that is one challenge. The other challenge is support. When writers are in their own community they can stand and fall on their own two feet. Or pens, whichever come first. The point of the matter is, is that most writers do not know how to tell family or long distance friends that they are in fact working, and they do in fact make money. Not as much as say a “real job” but they do make money.

Writing for a living means one needs to have a thick skin, they need to be willing to politely say that they are working, and know that the laughing will subside at some point. If you want to be a writer know that the most opposition will come from family and friends, who think that they know better than you.

This is not to suggest that you will face this challenge but that it is far more common than you as a newer or older writer will expect.

There are challenges and then there are challenges, but often the smaller challenges such as writing with passion seem to be the ones we do not think about… until they happen to us.

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  • Tomas

    As the writers as the painters (all the artists)deal with the same psychology. Thus your post supported me greatly. I visualized myself among you and so was not alone any more (not a stranger among you, but one of you) while reading your post I sensed myself as at home and my being got the meaning. We both are on the same road