Passionate Writing can be a Good Thing

I have been writing a book, and as most of you know life as a funny way of well getting in the way. Still passionate writing is something that can and is a part of my life. I was able to find this introduction and thought it was powerful. It deals with a writer and their passion. A preconceived notion about their work.

What resonates with most writers? that preconceived notions are dangerous. What resonates with other writers? What makes this bit passionate writing or not so passionate writing?

Preconceived notions are dangerous. I have far too many of them in my life. The simple fact that I know, or at least think I know, means that I need to learn more. I am learning more about my past, more then I imagined. I take many things in life for granted. Perhaps it is because I live in a country that is fairly modernized in the large cities, and have more freedom then what my ancestors had before. At the same time I find that I am bound by tradition which I did not realize was there. It is now apparent that since I am digging deeper into my past that I re-examine my ideas and where they are not correct. I am sure that there are far too many to count.

I have participated in interviews with people who lived through the Second World War, I find that my modern Western ideas do not have any relation to their lives. Oftentimes my ideas about their lives are shattered upon hearing about the things they did on a daily basis. I am often amazed at the lives of people I assumed much of.