Question: Do You Know What Living a Life of Writing Means?

My blog is found almost everywhere, and as much as you might want to change the name it is one which you can’t.  Still it does make for a good topic.

As writers we often get asked this question: Do you know what living a life of writing means?

Writers are people who have decided that this is the career for them and that over time what their main goal is to do is: write.  They might have a goal of writing a novel or a book, but they take the idea of working their craft very seriously.  To them it is more than a job, it is in a way a life-time career.

There is no retirement to writing.  It is in many ways like writing a blog, you never stop doing this.  It is not unlike work, except that for most writers they can simply crawl out of bed and walk to their desk and start a day’s work of writing.  They are writing if it is on their blog or on their work in progress.  They love what they do.

There is money to the concept of “living a life of writing” but there is also the drive.  The will to improve what you write and when you write and how you write.  You long to have people care about your writing and enjoy your style.  There is also the challenge of writing each day, of while you want to improve, spelling or grammar, you also do not want to lose that “real writer.”

There are days when it is all about being a passionate writer, and then there are days when as a writer you wonder what possessed you to want to write.  Living a life of writing means that you push through those days and are willing to continue to do what you are passionate about and never, for a moment give up on your dreams, it is all about enjoying your writing.

Writers, most of them, are dreamers.  They are possibly some of the most creative beings in the world.  They take a list of words, and make them sing to their readers.  The most important part?  They still love what they do, even when it is harder to do.