Will Writing Help You Get Your Dreams?

We want to give ourselves encouragement and we want to visualize the dreams we hold in our minds and make them into a reality.  The challenge is not the actual writing, but the change in how we see writing.  Will writing help you get your dreams?

As a writer there are a certain set of goals we need to make before we can actually “cash in” on our dreams.  Would you like to make a million dollars publishing a book?  How many books would you have to publish to make this dream happen?  How many years would it take?  If you can set a goal to your dreams it’s most likely to happen.

A writing mentor told me the best thing to do when trying to set a goal is to visualize it.  Possibly even go to a magazine and cut out some pictures.  Make it real, tangible, and worthwhile.  They were very firm on this note, and I asked them what they wanted from this exercise.  Call me naive but I was mistaken in their goals.

I believed they wanted me to look through some fashion magazines, but no, what they wanted was a picture of money, or of something of value to me.

Like a magazine filled with art, or something that made me visually see where my dream was heading.  It was about writing, but there is more to it.  It was about looking at your dreams and seeing what you can do with writing to make them happen.

It’s a lot like hollywood, you have to be there at the right time and place.  In this case, a antiques magazine caught my eye- I found what I wanted.  I found many things that would spark my writing dreams.  I also found a small file folder in which to put my now large box of clippings.

There were many things I wanted to add, but then a small book caught my eye, a picture in a magazine.  It was a quote book and it was a fairly old one.  Call me crazy but I love quotes, I love seeing quotes on writing, or quotes on passion, and this was a book I loved.  I resolved one thing after visualizing this book- I’ll make the money I need to buy it myself.  That means writing and publishing a book and finding a way to make it more successful.


  • JS

    Nice to know about your obsession…Tiffany's jewerlry. I'll remember that and as always, you put it all together so nicely in this write-up.

    About what I could get with writing, i would say I have to two wishful desires.
    1) The first one – to own a stable with a couple of horses at least – is not something I think I can support with writing. But this is something I always dream of and would want to have one day.
    2) The second one is relaxation and satisfaction in life, which always comes hard but writing has the prowess to give me that…in fact to all the writers. I am sure you would agree with me on that.

  • Cindy

    Oh, Damaria, that's a good one. I'd love to be able to afford a bigger house for my family. With a yard and huge kitchen. But mostly what I dream about is being able to support my family with writing. To be able to make a career out of it so my husband can work less or not at all and we can all spend more time together.

  • FictionGroupie

    Just to know that I could wake up every day and call writing my job and not have to go to a "day" job would be enough. Although, a house in the mountains somewhere wouldn't be bad either. 🙂

  • Top Hat Painter

    I liked this post a lot. I've actually been thinking a lot about what I could get from my writing lately. I actually started a blog recently surrounding my real passion, art, and have come to realize that doing so saved my passion for it. I was about to give up on it because I didn't feel I knew how to get people to actually see the art I made. Or to buy it for that matter. Rather than give up, I turned to my mistress passion, writing, to allow me a voice that could possibly reach a few people about the art I love so much. My motivations to do so aren't to get anything really monetary out of it,(though I would be happy with a bus pass right about now) but to share the stories that live in my head (both written and visual). If I were to set a goal, something to get from my writing, it would have to be to actually finish what I start. I don't need a lot of money, I'd be really happy with a little.