No Money?…. Are You Really a Writer? Part 9 of 12

Writing and Money seem to spark a bit of controversy, especially if you take the time to read the two emails that I was sent. Part One and Three have them so check them out so that you get an idea where this is coming from. It also has untold joys. Something that you can put into a sort of treasure chest. Welcome to all who are new and to my now favorite regulars, feel free to comment. Enjoy.

My youngest daughter loves treasures chests. Anything will do really, a picnic basket, a small basket that she can put a lid on, even my pencil box holder. The best is the sea shells at the beach, the empty ones of course, even better is if she can fit two together and put something inside them. Much to her delight i found a scallop sea shell a couple of days ago, empty of the little animal inside it but still intact. She spent the next two hour putting water in there and yelling “I found a TES-UER!” ( she’s two so what can I expect?)

It stuck in my head, all writers have there own treasures, you know the treasures, they are unique to each writer, the first first draft that you wrote when you were five that your mom kept and now you keep, but admit now it sounds horrid, but you wouldn’t dare through it out, and maybe you might take it and rewrite it a bit…

Everyone has one of them. I do. Actually it’s my first really paying job, meaning they paid me back for the time it took, at a reasonable rate. I must admit these days it would have been done better, much better, much much better, but you need to start somewhere. In fact they still hire me to do things like that.

Granted this was a stepping stone, but I still have the book that I edited, put together, and wrote a bit in. What fun, and the money wasn’t half-bad. I look on it as a turning point, when I realized that I loved writing and I could do it well. There are others I keep but none more precious than this one.

My Question for you today is: What’s in your store of Treasures of writing?

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  • AmberInGlass

    Well… I keep everything, and find something sentimental to value in just about anything I can get my hands on.

    Some people like photographs; me, I like stuff. It's a "oh, I can't get rid of that, I found that on the day such and such happened" kinda thing.

    Of course, I realize that's not what you are talking about, but the same principle applies to all my writings, ever. The one I didn't keep, of course, is the one I remember the most. It was my first attempt at writing a story, and I ripped it up and threw it out in embarrassment later and have regretted doing so since.

    And still not what you are talking about. I'd actually say that my blog is my writing treasure box. I've been using it to share some of my own treasures with the online world.