No Money?…. Are You Really a Writer? Part 11 of 12

Coming up to the last bit in this series, so welcome to everyone both regular and new, great to have you here and great to see your comments. What is writing really? Do we all look at writing in the same way? Or, money for that matter?

I would say no, but I’m probably a voice in the wilderness for this. I know many feel that money is the thing that is a bonus to writing. In terms of bonus, I mean that the work is done as a passion and a creative outlet. I’m still getting some emails from the person who started this series off. Read part one to get the idea where they are coming from.

” I still stand by my original beliefs. Writers, and for that matter dreamers are one in the same. From the comment your little insignificant blog receives, I am convinced that these writers don’t do much work on their writing. If this is the case, I would find time to look for a real job. I am suggesting to you and other bloggers, and would be writers to work in a job that gives you money, and become a realist, and not a dreamer. Money is the sole basis for proving your worth as a writer, nothing less will suffice.”

So they stand by their view, and for this they deserve some credit. They will not be moved. I suspect that adding people who blog to this might be a little extreme, and I was a bit ( okay, a lot) insulted when they suggested my blog was little, or more to the point insignificant. I think that we can, as a blog community say that nothing we do is little or insignificant. By the way writing is my job, and it is a real job I’ll have everyone know, and yes I did work as a writer and some one outside the home. No, I don’t sit on my behind all day doing nothing.

Neither is what people do as writers. we all start out with pen and paper and write. That is our job, to observe and pen our point of view. In all honesty I’d love to make more money as a writer, but who wouldn’t?

I know that many who work outside the home and write because it is their passion, or calling. Others would like to write, but don’t do so because they found their passion in another area of life. Everyone is born with a certain gift, and writers who use their gift of writing are following this gift.

The money is important, as we shouldn’t become poor to follow our dreams, but it isn’t everything. I think that should money be the primary reason for writing than it is the money not the passion that keeps that writer going, at the expense of all else.

My Question for today is this: What does this email mean to you? In terms of both blogging and writing?

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  • AmberInGlass

    I'm not going to go into much more detail, about this email. I've already spoken my peace on my own blog and here. There were many other comments I've read, by writers who put things in much better terms than I am capable of. Uninvoked, in particular stand out in my mind.

    That said, this email to me, is just someone who doesn't know what he's talking about throwing a match to the wind, and hoping it will catch fire. The fact that he insults your blog by calling it insignificant, proves this to me without doubt. He is entitled to his opinion, but really, he must stop trying to claim it as fact.