Day Four And Five

Now for typing… I must forget how much I love typing since it only takes me about five or six hour to type about 40 pages… what’s that per minute I don’t know?

It is coming along, and I hope my readers are having more luck with my work now that I am hard at trying to keep a good pace. it seems to be working. I love using an itty bitty notebook to write down a paragraph when I get stuck and then I seem to be able to write the rest longhand better.

It works good for the last few days, but to send things out I must be able to type… That should take three or four days… Sorry to all my reader who want more (ha ha)

It is fun to write and I enjoy every moment I get, it takes a bit more creativity in the life which i led with two kids. I think I really am a mother to three, or four or five…

Depends on how you see a book.

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