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Marko Custom Build Models, with a New Update

Roy Marko has several updates on both his channels. This time it’s a nice focus on the Marko Custom Build Models. This time there is an unboxing, and an update on a live which he had done with the channel.

It was a great bit of research done, but also when a subscriber said something he was doing wasn’t exactly correct according to the schematics. And, after some careful looking, it was indeed a mistake. And that became the next update.

More people are asking questions, and now Roy Marko can answer them and show the question on the screen to his viewers

There is always more to come, and there will always be questions that people are asking. We hope that come the next year, there will be more videos answering questions the viewers have. Of course, there will be videos of builds, and cars.

There are so many tools can be used to create models, and even some you wouldn’t expect. Either way, the updates are something that Roy enjoys sharing with his followers. One of the many things he does is customizing and building models where it looks more like a car than a model.