YouTube is Content Creation, and No Excuses

Roy Marko produces content on YouTube. Simple and easy to do. It is a means to grow a business, which is right now a good side hustle. The thing about YouTube is this, welcome to a job with many, if not thousands, of bosses. In some cases, there are millions, but as much as it’s your channel, or your content, the people watching it have an important say to what is produced. If you let them

Nash Metropolitan

Take this picture (above), which is of the 1960 Nash metropolitan Roy Marko owns, has a strong following on the car channel for Roy, and then he talks about the 1967 Chevy C50, which has a much stronger following. What is surprising to this is that the viewers want both, in a way, and they are more popular than the 1956 Pontiac, which is the old classic car from the 50s.

So if you like to create certain types of videos, or blog posts, no one is stopping you, but not very many will watch it. The reverse is also true, you can find something you are passionate about and everyone wants to watch it… only to have to produce the same videos on a near every day ( it might feel that way!) basis.

It’s a balance where you want to do stuff you love and plan for your growth, but you need to respect some of what your viewers want. When you have the that balance you might not burn out as fast, and. more importantly, your excuses will go away. Some people might not like your content, but that is okay, and others might love it, and that’s okay too. The point is over time you will find that groove when you publish, what you publish, and who will follow you.

YouTube is all about content creation, good content creation where the people who watch it want to watch it. It’s a challenge to get it right, but in time you will know. Some of your videos might do well and some might not, the key to the success is just creating great content, and be willing to learn what works for you and your subscribers.

1955 Pontiac Gasser

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to admit that there are moments when it’s a job, and not one which makes money for you right away, follow your dreams, and don’t let it become so hard you lose sight of the reason you are a content creator. It’s for you, and for what you originally wanted it to be. If you change your mind, that’s okay, keep creating content for your channels.