Saturday Email Review

As most of you know I write on hubpages and because of this some comment I am “everywhere” Still there are disadvantages to being “everywhere” mostly because I get some interesting emails: This one comes in regards to writing their book…


I see you read manuscripts. This is great. I have a book in mind for you to read, but it isn’t fully written as yet. I have all the ideas in my head and on paper.

I would like you to write my book, and I will pay you. I hope you rates are cheap. You can write me a bestseller. Do you like writing books?

Please reply soon, I know you write great hubs, so it should not be too hard to write me a book.

Thank you.


1) I don’t come cheap. If I ghostwrite I know how much to ask for. (ha ha)

2) Asking someone to write your book but also asking them to read said book… aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves?

3) I don’t think they understand the art of writing books.

Your comments?


  • Adele

    I could see it if they had a personal story and wanted a writing partner, and were willing to pay your rates. However this email is ridiculous! He's already written half a book, yet he wants you to write the book? And then saying he hopes your rates are cheap and you can write him a bestseller? If you're going to ghostwrite him a bestseller it shouldn't come cheap. And yes he doesn't understand the art of writing books is actually writing…Thanks for posting this – too many people assume because it's e-mail they can act stupid!

  • Rebecca

    Adele– sometimes I wonder about that as well.. I understand it's not easy to write a book… done it doing it will do it later…

    Duchess— sometime I wonder that myself =)