Publishing Is Here… Is It Possible to Make Money?

I have a date which I cannot miss!  I am beyond excited.  My book FINALLY… is set to be sent to the publisher on August 26th of this year.

Okay, I am a bit excited.  Just a bit honest I am.

No I lie…. I am over the moon.  It is three years of hard work, and many many people helping out that got me to this point.  I can only begin to thank people… only to realize that I have forgotten someone.

Publishing is here…. and I am soon to join the ranks of self-published author.  I am of course hopeful for sales, but let me get to the nuts and bolts.

I think it is very possible to make money on a book, if you have worked yourself to the bone and are passionate about it.  I think that I can make money with this book, partly because I have worked as hard to find out who has an interest in this book.  I have a picture in my mind (oh and by the way congrats Tina at Home!) of my writing.

I also have an editor who will not except anything less than the best.  Still, it is very exciting.  I think still with all this I will make money with my writing.