My Nerdy 60% Rule

In life… in money. Wait what the hell did I just say money? I mean, we all love the idea of having money, and it’s good when you can add to your collection of wonderful nerdy stuff.

I could, maybe should, be called a bit of a pack rat, I like having stuff, and it’s nice to have stuff that is from my past, the pictures of the last comic con, or the books you buy, or the series you had to have. It’s not a bad thing, and it’s money I can spend on me.

Right? Can I hear you say “RIGHT ON GIRL!!!”


There are two problems. One, I’m really not the best at planning or doing a budget. It’s not that I can’t budget, just that I am the type of person who can justify a lot of crap. Justify, justify and justify. If I can do it in one word or less it’s almost “because.” I can budget but, because I didn’t spend X dollars on that Funko Pop I so wanted…. I’ll get two- and not the cheaper ones, the really expensive Funko Pop that is practically gold freaking plated. (I’m not sure if there is such a beast but really I would I I would justify the crap out of it to get it. It’s not a bad thing.

Not bad, not bad at all. Except when it is.

I read Marie Kondo (who hasn’t) and it’s a good book, it’s just not exactly how I can roll at the moment, I want my stuff I love my stuff, and it’s rather in nice neat piles. Besides, my partner is a lot like me, we love our stuff and moving into something smaller put a cramp into our style. My partner is a fashion sensed individual who loves cars, and Back to the Future. I love cars too, but I’m not as knowledgeable as they are. I love all the stuff, the dresses, the classic cars, the makeup, the comic cons, the stuff we go to, but we collect.

That, in a nutshell is us. It’s fun, it’s amazing, it’s our thing. Unfortunately it’s our money.

handful of dollars
The focus: Money

Yup. Our money, and we can do what we want with it. No, I’m lying to myself. I have bills, my partner has bills, rent- that pesky little monthly pain, which is the elephant in the room. So as what any good nerd does we drag out the old pen and paper. We made a nerdy 60% rule.

Because you can’t not ever, no never ever not buy a memento at a comic con, or a car show, or anything really, we agreed on the following: If you haven’t “nerded out” on the youtube channel or blogged about in in 60 days, or ever created a video you can’t get it. No buts. Since I’m slacking at the moment on Rebecca A Emrich, that need of getting my nerdy comics is a no go until I get a video- or four- up. And a couple of blog posts for my beloved Nerdy Followers.

Can not. I can hear you right now with well jeez, where’s the 60% in all this? Sounds like a stupid dumb goal crap I always hear about that I can’t do. I accept that statement, because you’re right- I wasn’t talking about 60%…. yet.

60%, it’s not a budget thing (although I wish it was!) it’s a money and a thing combination. Since I love Star Wars, and Lego, and Harry Potter, I’ll be using them as an example. Say I’m going out to get the “newest Lego for Avengers: Endgame” (who isn’t going to?) or a Lego set from Infinity War I have to have 60% of the price tag in cash. With Harry Potter the Hogwarts set, I found the castle in the newest edition, but had to wait a while to save up for it, to buy it at the local Hobby store. Next, it’s getting the last bit.

The rest, can go on debit or credit card. So it’s time to bring out the calculator for a moment and a wee bit of self control. If I want my beloved “biggest baddest” of the Lego sets, I’d better be saving to my nerdy hearts content.

It’s really creative in a sense, you have the YouTube channel which needs to be feed and the blogs which need to be posted, and you go from there. It works for us for the nerdy drive we have. And it works for our mutual love of cars, nerdy and writing. It’s a bit nerdy to focus on cash and buying more things, but let’s be honest, I just only started to declutter the house.