Google Ads, and Writers

The Internet is a strange place.

On the Internet, when we want to look at anything we go online to a search engine, most likely Google, and use keywords- and then go to a website that we believe fits fits our needs based on what we read. This is why people publish what they publish so that people can find information with ease.


This is why as writers we have to think about summaries and how people think about us. Our brand, our presentation, how we write, what we write and what we focus on will change how people see us- and they are our readers.  Except there is one problem.


Most people don’t see themselves as readers, but as gatherers of information.


When we go to that website– or blog or whatever– it is because of the writing or the summary and because we might find something we need.  Another thing a reader might find is monetization in the form of ads.  There is nothing wrong with this, many social networking sites use this method. Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and hundreds of other sites can help you build your brand, your platform and your means to have some book sales.  It’s up to you to learn to market yourself properly.


Writers need or want to earn some money, and most need to earn a few pennies to make something of their career as a writer.  It’s hard enough to write and publish a book, but it’s even harder when the platform a person is using doesn’t get them something for their work.  Blogging and publishing require some income, in this case, should you being with the blogger platform you are in better hands than you’d otherwise be. You can make something worthwhile of your blog.


The reason for this is: Google AdSense and Google AdWords work together to make an ‘ads by Google’. This is not vital to writing or to many writers, but as a means to create income outside of publishing a book, when you use the AdSense ads.  Or, to put it differently if you had the choice to make some form of income, this is a reasonably efficient way to do so. If you are willing to learn what it takes (Note to my readers: I’m still a work in progress, and I really have to up my game when it comes to SEO and building an income, but it’s happening- mostly because I give a darn.)

Most readers will gloss over the ads, these Google AdSense ads, but the question you can ask is where do they come from?


How does one go about making money with them? (By having AdSense on their website or by having other products people can purchase. Such as books and other items because otherwise a person is simply not going to earn money.)  It takes months to earn a payout, no matter what anyone else will tell you.  You need to learn and grow, and the more you actually, honestly care about your writing, and your blogs, and your YouTube or whatever other means of communication you have with your


How does one go and “get” these ads, should a person want to create some?


Google AdWords is your answer, and as a writer you should not need to use this but you will need to know about this since it works much in the same way as other social networking sites use ads, or tweet promotions, to gain more exposure to readers.  In some cases it helps a writer find out who and where people follow them. Many writers do not fully utilise Google AdWords, mainly due to either costs or a lack of knowledge. However, you can hire companies to carry out your marketing campaigns for you, meaning that you can get the most out of google ads even if you don’t fully understand how it works.


What you publish online does make a difference in terms of what you gain when you work both programs together- you can pay to create an Ad on Google AdWords, but you will spend more money than make if you do not use Google Analytics and understand where and who your readers are. Lots of companies are also beginning to use Premium scripts for Google Ads to help automate all of their statistics making it easier to understand trends and issues that need to be addressed. If you don’t care to spend time learning this is not the program for you.  If you simply want to hope to earn money- at some point Google AdSense, and following their rules is a better choice.  This is not for all writers, but it is something to know and understand as a means to create a small income.


  • Retta Matson

    Google Adword is the best example, which should be learned by everyone as its the combination of all in one and this includes tweet promotions, gaining exposure to readers and much more.