Nerdy Blogger and Vlogger?

The one thing I have experience with is failure. I start things, (almost anything will do- but, no matter how hard I try I get bored. It’s true, and the lack of boredom makes for an acute case of stupidity, and excuses.

I’m the queen when it comes to excuses. Just give me my crown already- I’m crowning myself Empress of all excuses.

Then… it happens, an idea, a new interest and I’m back “all in.” I guess that’s what makes it hard, the slow process of doing several bits each day, and not see it as something that’s boring. I’m also a bit of a nerd, and watching Back tot the Future III hit me square in the head- the future is what you make of it so make it a good one. As a nerdy blogger and vlogger I have to ask myself if I am.

Confession time: I like some critiques, and here’s the trouble with it, I like them and I try to do them, except (and that’s the problem!) I’m at a loss for figuring out how to fix them. Paint it with paint by numbers and I’m still almost a lot slow to pick it up. However, put it based on a movie, or a book and then a character and “great scott” I know what I’m doing. Sort of.

Yeah, nerd I am.

Something though has happened to me, I’m more excited, maybe because I’m letting myself find my tribe on both here and YouTube! If you’ve seen my channel there’s a bit of a change. It was about books, but honestly, I was not getting in the time or got excited about it. So I let my channel slide a bit, and it made it hard for me to get back into the groove of things. Of course, blogging about writing when you aren’t writing…. let’s not go there.

What I did was watch a lot of Marvel and DC movies. On a whim I felt I should go back to my old haunts, and buy a few comics. I missed them. I missed the hunt, the feel of a comic in my hand when I had them. I had spent a lot of time missing my old self, my nerdy self and because of this I was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, or vice versa. I wasn’t having my joy. My spark. People could tell.

YouTube? Ah, a nerd’s dream land, you can find funky pop and all sorts of fun and unique channels. Now, I’m nerd and proud of it, so I found my tribe. My tribe is making me joyful, and understanding that I am a wannabe nerdy blogger- and vlogger.

Rebecca A Emrich is quite the comic nerd: