Publishing a Book and My Fears

I am publishing a book, and I am scared. The things that scare me the most are what my readers’ thoughts and opinions are:

•What did they think as they read my book?
•Were they able to feel a connection with my characters and storyline?
•Could they envision themselves as one of the characters in my book?
•Did I have enough detail for them?

I know for myself when I have read a really good book, I can envision myself as one of the characters.  I am in the story as it is unfolding. I love to think I am the reason they wrote the book; just for me, and this means I do not care where it is published so long as I can love the book.

The connection to the characters and story lines allows me to go along on the adventure.

As a writer you hope that your story captures the readers’ attention  from the beginning to the end. Your ultimate goal is for your reader not to want to put the book down.  I want that for my readers, and I want that for my book.  I am excited about this chance to publish and also scared about it.

So the biggest scare is hoping to hook and sink my readers.  I know I can do this, because I have other writers helping me on my journey