Inspire Yourself and Do Better

I could say that anything you do you can always do better, but that would sound a bit cliche.  

Anyone can do anything that they try to and put their minds to, but at some point, all to often, there is something that “gives.”  You know that moment.  Take a blog for example.

You start out writing some good blog posts, and you feel inspired.  You want to write another post. Then it happens.  You start thinking about other things.  Life gets in the way.  The siren call of “other things” happens and you wish that you had more time to do something.  Maybe it’s because you can’t think of a way to do better.

For some, the focus is on what they can do best for themselves on their blog.  Unfortunately that is the wrong way to go about it.  It’s your blog, and after a while, during the process of thinking about what might be a good blog post, you find yourself… less than inspired to do what you love.  In the end, what inspired you to write is holding you back.  That is the very opposite of what you want in your life.

It’s at this moment you have a choice: do you keep on with what you think works, or do you follow a different path to get your groove back?  You probably want to say “I know of a person who took a break from [insert activity] and then came back, better than before.”
 Can you do that? I don’t mean to suggest that you can’t, but I’d like to point out that many people who take a break from writing, (or anything else) don’t come back unless they find a reason to be inspired do continue what they once loved to do.

What inspires you?  In a way, answering that question will help you with your money challenges, and perhaps you can find something that makes a difference in your life.  Try singing or dancing.  Nothing is better than moving outside your comfort zone to inspire and better your own career.

 This doesn’t mean we have to start at the top, but doing something outside your comfort zone allows you to see what you can do when you have a million good things running through your heart and feeding your soul.  It’s a part of you that lets you grow and learn.  If you learn something new, perhaps a new dance step or discover some different points of view on a subject that already interest you, it stands to reason that you will be inspired to find another way to better yourself at your job.