On Blogging and Creating a Blog That Makes You Money

I should really learn although I doubt I ever will learn how to do something a bit better, but that is creating a blog with a good social network. Yes, I know a lot of people follow my blog (and thanks for that) but what about Getting a bigger voice out?

Well, I like to think of Facebook, and Stumble Upon and Digg.  These are some great beginnings to social networking if you market yourself and your blog correctly.  But there is one step you will have to do first.

So what does that mean really?

If you use these sites, you can add a blog or website or whatever and with a click or three you’ve sent the site to these social bookmarking sites,  you can put this blog on to the stumble upon site, and write a review. You can do this with your site or with others sites.  But that is only the beginning when it comes to creating a blog that makes your money.

I just began this, and the biggest thing I enjoy is telling people I’ve included their site on say Stumble Upon, it makes people feel good that you’ve done this.  It is like publishing a book, you have to write a blog post, and then focus on improving it.

There is so much to read about blogging on the internet and creating and writing a blog is important to people.  They need to know where to begin and where they can go with their writing.  Reader also want to know you… and what you are passionate about writing.  In this case, this blog is about writing, and that is a topic which will keep me going for many years.

This of course is the next step to creating a blog, after getting good content written on your blog, I found it rather cool to type in “Living a life of Writing” on Google and getting this site. It was great, even better was to find this site on Stumble Upon with some great reviews. ( Thanks to Al at Publish or Perish for that one!)

My Question for you today is this: What sort of ways do you know that promote your site?


  • Al

    hey well done you come up number 1 on a "Google".

    I come up 3 and 4 if I type "publish or perish blog"

    But only 22 if I just type "publish or perish"

  • Damaria Senne

    I'm using Facebook quite a lot. Started a fan page there for Read South Africa, and we've had 600 members sign on in six weeks. Really fantastic how writers and editors have supported he initiative. And that's the secret – promoting in places that makes it easier for people who like your work to pick up a link and spread the message for you.
    Not doing so well with Twitter. I've automated a portion of my tweets ( that is, when I update Facebook, Twitter and Plaxo also pick up the update, which makes it easier to promote your site).
    Still coming to grips with Stumble Upon. Am using it, but not very effectively. YET.

  • JS

    By writing in a language that's simple and understood by experts and laymen alike.

    Subject matter is also important but I keep that to my personal choice and write on topics which I am passionate about.

  • Ann Victor

    It's a pleasure following your blog! 🙂

    Look at all the good tips we get.

    Social networking is a great tool, but I've made a conscious decision to keep it low key until I'm actually published. It's time consuming and, for an unpubbed author, can be distracting. The time for serious marketing is once one has a story to market.

    Question for Damaria: are you based in South Africa too? I'll pop over to yoru Facebook page "Read South Africa" and "friend" you there! 🙂