The Choices You Make and The Writing You Do

Have you ever had one of those days?  I am sure you know the ones — the ones where the most you can do is get out of bed and do some sort of writing… or not.  Or you choose to stay in bed and rest all day because your energy levels are so low that there is not much else you really want to do.  There are days when what you write is dependent upon your mood, and this can lead to a new direction to the way you write.

I can say that lately I find it has been hard finding motivation to write.  It has been hard going even to envision any sort of success I might have with my writing and my future books.  The past is exactly that — the past, but it is my choices that can create my future.  This is where the writing I do comes into play.  I want to make money with my writing, not because I want a fortune (although that would be nice), but because it gives me a sense of worth.  I have the ability to create something positive.

 What choices do you make?  If you choose to write 500 words a day and one day, you don’t hit that target, does that mean that you should stop writing? That is your choice to stop writing, but that means that the writing you might do later on will be tinged with doubt.  You might not have the passion to continue writing and learning.

I believe that my choices to write about my depression and my battle with it, has become a good starting point to see what and where I can improve my own life, as well as my writing.  I can see that the choices I make each day will affect my own writing, or lack of it.  What I do understand is that setting goals is one thing, but if you set the bar too high, you can find that your energy and passion is hard to maintain.

I can say that I am going to write 500 words a day, but realistically, I can’t do that every day.  I have commitments and, more often than not, I also have the challenge of working through my own fears about my writing and what I can handle in general.  The writing I do is based upon my choices.  It can seem that I might be “selling out” and not writing as much as I can but when it becomes too hard for me, then I have to make a choice.

I’ve “let go of” many of my novels.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t go back to them, but I know that my biggest challenge is to write my next non-fiction book and have it published by the end of this coming summer.  I choose to work with this book, and it is all about balance and you and your mind.

You make a choice everyday, and you can choose to do a lot of writing or none.  It is what you do with your time that matters.  Writing and publishing are only one part of you — and you have to be able to enjoy that part of yourself. Writing is a great thing, and you can, and you should, enjoy what you do.

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  • Heather

    Thank you for this post, which feels like a big hug. I mean that seriously. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves, when we really shouldn't be…